Welcome to BIBA - A bike badge company, the premier destination for cyclists looking to showcase their achievements, goals, and adventures.

Feri's portraitMy name is Feri, I'm a gravel bike enthusiast from Hungary. The idea for BIBA came to me during a bike ride when I realized that there was no tangible recognition for the achievements and adventures of fellow riders. That's when I decided to create badges for bike accomplishments and adventures.

As a father of three, I've had plenty of unfinished ideas before, but this time - as a new year's resolution of 2023 - I was determined to see them through. With my background as a designer, developer, and dreamer, I have the expertise to ensure that each badge is beautifully crafted and of the highest quality.

I specialize in creating unique and custom bicycle badges that allow riders to commemorate their adventures and milestones. Whether you're a road warrior, a mountain biker, a gravel rider, a bikepacking adventurer, or just a weekend cruiser, I have the perfect badge to suit your style and your journey.

From distance milestones to technical challenges, my badges are designed to help you track your progress and celebrate your accomplishments. Whether you're exploring the backroads, tackling a multi-day bikepacking trip, or pushing your limits on a grueling gravel race, my badges are the perfect way to commemorate your achievements and inspire you to keep riding.

Mounting pointsFor more details you can contact me on the BIBA Instagram page, just drop me a direct message or use the contact page. You can also check my rides on Strava or see the photos of my latest ride.

So why wait? Start earning your badges today and show off your cycling pride with BIBA.

Let's ride!